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Crypto Blinders

CRYPTO BLINDERS is a collection of 4181 Crypto Blinders NFTs unique digital collection living on the Cardano Blockchain. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and drawn with entrepreneurs in mind. Crypto Blinders aim to create a private space for people to come together and share valuable crypto tips/hacks and opportunities regarding crypto wealth accumulation.
Future areas, perks and more utility will be added overtime as the community grows. 

The Origin

Born from a special type of energy – the money consciousness, came the Crypto Blinders. They were summoned from the Golden Fibonacci Ratio Metaverse subconsciously, by a few persistent mortals of earth whose goal is to accumulate wealth in abundance. Each blinder was uniquely created and linked to each other via the perfect fibonacci number: 4181. This number holds a universal code that strengthens the bond of each blinder in a cult-like manner, and ensures their inevitable success in the crypto metaverse. They are here to seek, find and seize every crypto opportunity that leads to wealth without hesitation!


Crypto Blinder Holders have full copyright ownership to their NFT.


Every Crypto Blinder holder will have exclusive private lifetime access to special channels in discord like: NFT drop discussion, New NFT play to earn games, New Token Launches, Token calls and many more utilities that aid crypto blinders in accumulating wealth in crypto.


Founded by @filgreat.crypto a tiktok influencer who will continuously promote these NFTs to ensure consistent exposure to the project from his growing audience. This will increase the demand of crypto blinder nfts overtime and create a rising floor price.


Each Crypto Blinder is unique and generated from over 100 possible traits, including hat, eyes, skin, mouth,backgrounds, suit, ties, accessories and emblems.

Crypto Blinders Quick Info

All you need to know about Crypto Blinders

Programmatically generated Blinders

45 ADA Each

Launch date - March 29th

4181 NFTs

100+ Traits

Doxxed Founder



Founder/ Marketing







Radekal EPIC


Social Media Manager



Content Creator






We have an ambitious and grand plan forward.
But we don’t want to overpromise to our community.

Think of what Gary V is doing with Veefriends. We plan to do something similar except it’s all crypto related and the aim remains the same: To accumulate wealth in crypto by taking advantage of this great financial revolution.


Crypto Blinder's Community

Join Our Community

As a community backed NFT, Crypto  Blinders official social account listed below will be used to actively engage the community in every stage of our development, it will also serves as a medium for community member to rally around the project in terms of voting, community with team and other holders


Each Crypto Blinder will be minted at 45 ada + gas.

Our Golden Ratio Fibonacci Crypto Blinder collection has 9 attributes with over 100 traits.

Our Nft collection will live on the Cardano Blockchain

Yes, 81 will be withheld for the team, marketing and giveaways

Mint day is March 29th at 18:00 UTC.

No, we want everyone to have a fair chance so it will be a fair launch.